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Salem And The Sphinx War 

A young boy Salem will learn his fate the day when he meets Medea, his angel dragon. Their lives have been intertwined together since either were born. Together they will be one, both dragon and rider.
Salem is a young homeless boy and Medea is the Princess of the northern angel dragons of Delmore.
It is Salem's quest to set out with Medea to fight off evil, he will find out what his fate has in store for him as a dragon friend. It's a dangerous life, but someone has to do it.
Salem will also discover the truth, about Medea being his guardian. About how she had always defended him up until the day when he met her. Ever since that day his life has forever been changed, he will find the strength to become a hero. Their quest will take them to new places and new countries, to fight against the sphinxes, together they will travel the world.
Up on dragon wings Salem will feel at peace, because when up on Medea's wings he won't have to think about the chaos that reeks havoc below them.
They fight against the sphinxes to prevent them from wiping out the human race in Delmore and to stop their evil scheme. With the help of the other angel dragons they can block the sphinxes from achieving their goal of world domination and save the world. Salem will be the thing that legends are made out of, both himself and Medea.
In Delmore dragon friends of antiquity have fought against evil to spite the wicked and to protect the innocent for thousands of years. That is the path of the dragon friend, and a path that Salem will have to follow. To follow the path laid out by his ancestors he will become legend, the last true dragon friend, a hero.
Come along with Salem and Medea as they take up the quest of a lifetime to become legends, to be the last dragon friend and dragon.

Salem And The Sphinx War can be purchased on for 99 Cents as an Ebook, and is also available Free with Kindle Unlimited as well.

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