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ABOUT  The  Author

Jonathan Burton Peters Jr is a Fantasy author that was born in Mobile Alabama on February 19th 1990. He grew up reading Fantasy books and soon developed a passion for book writing and Fantasy.

His first unsuccessful book was Salem And The Sphinx, which ended up being a flop with too many errors and serious errors to fix so he ended up deciding to scrap that book and start a new one to replace it.

His next book was a re-write of the original book which received the name Salem And The Sphinx War in honor of the original book. That book in turn started a series, the Dragon Friend Series. That book also turned out to be much better then the old one and he also learned how to correctly edit a book with it. After that he started on the sequel to that book, Book 2, Salem And The Legends Staff and finished it. Now the book he works on in his spare time is the book that will become Book 3 to the Dragon Friend Series, that book will be called Salem And The Legends Sword. Most parts of that book is even still a mystery to Jonathan but he will be glad to get back to writing it and go back to Salem's world to discover how it will turn out and then start planning for Book 4.

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